Vancouver Gaming Expo
June 27th-29th 2014

Now with Tabletop, CCG, LAN & much more...

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Northwest Fan Fest 2014!!!

Our (modern-themed) Vancouver Gaming Expo has expanded to include Tabletop, CCG, LAN & more, and for 2014 has partnered with "Anime Evolution" and "Cos & Effect" to form a single massive event scheduled for June 27th-29th at UBC. Vancouver has been asking for one big summer con and this is it. With this merger, we will be able to provide a lot more value & content, as well as a return of the multi-genre gaming tournament "The Gauntlet".

We are super excited about how huge this event is going to be and encourage you to join us. Full schedule is up now, check it out.

3 days, more content than ever imagined, guaranteed to be one hell of a weekend.

More information can be found on the Northwest Fan Fest website.

Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo - April 5th, 2014

Thanks to everyone that came out to this year's event, it was a massive success. We had an awesome time and we hope you did too. If you have photos or videos you want to share, post them on the Facebook event page below.

If you have feedback for us on how we can make it better, email us at and let us know.

We already have some great new ideas in mind for 2015, we will let you know later this year once we secure a date for the show.

Special thanks to our amazing sponsors!!!