Rules & Policies for our events

We shouldn't need to clarify these things, but here they are anyway:

Overall, please ensure that your behaviour doesn't impact the ability of other attendees, performers, vendors, staff, etc. from having a good time. We can & will remove people who violate this policy from our event and will report incidents to the appropriate authorities if required. If everyone could just be awesome, that would be great.

Photos/Video recording

Photos and video recording are permitted & encouraged. By taking photos or recording video/audio at our event, you grant us the non-exclusive permission to use any/all recordings solely for promotional purposes, including but not limited to: The history page, social media, posters, flyers, promotional videos, etc.

Additionally, by attending the event you agree to your name, image, likeness, and video/audio recordings of you being posted publicly and/or used for our aforementioned promotional purposes.