Saturday, June 22nd 2024: 11:00am - 7:00pm at Anvil Centre

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Vendor Hall and Artist Alley: Main Floor

event goers checking out exhibitors

A wide array of dealers selling video games, from local and out-of-town shops, flea market vendors, and independant collections, with a range of old & new games for both the budget conscious deal hunters to the collectors looking for their super rare favourites.

A variety of artists will also be on hand with various video game themed creations of all types and styles.

Unique collectibles, crazy deals, weird oddities, & much more.

(11:00am - 7:00pm)

Free-Play Gaming: Third Floor and Theatre

child wearing Mario hat playing video game

Plenty of video games from a variety of retro consoles, modern compilations of retro favourites, and a selection of popular older games. A wide selection of games that are easy to pick up and play, single and multi-player classics to fit every taste.

(11:00am - 7:00pm)

Chilliwack Retro-Computing Club: Fourth Floor


A massive array of classic computer displays from our friends at the Chilliwack Retro-Computing Club.

Like a convention within a convention, CRCC will be bringing the biggest selection of retro computing we've ever had, as well as hosting a number of panels from The History of Computing in Canada to emulating the TRS-80, as well as a forum on the Nabu and special guest Brad Hodge (AKA Tech Time Traveller).

(11:00am - 7:00pm)

VCRGC E-Sport Experience: Fourth Floor

VCRGC E-Sport Experience

Our friends at the Vancouver Community Retro Gaming Club partnered with E-Sport Experience are bringing your favourite games in an exciting interactive environment.

From Smash Bros to Street Fighter, this is an experience for all ages you don't want to miss.

(11:00am - 7:00pm)

Musical Performances + : Third Floor - Main Theatre

Time Name Description
Pongball promo picture for Pongball Composer and chiptune artist Pongball (Shannon Mason) captures the spirit and sound of classic game soundtracks from the SNES era, before, and beyond with her music for indie games - including KUNAI, Faeland, and the upcoming Hazelnut Bastille.
Freaky DNA promo picture for Freaky DNA Leonard Paul (AKA Freaky DNA) began his work in video games on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System and has a twenty plus year history in composing, sound design and coding, including award-winning AAA titles such as EA's NBA Jam, NHL11, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, NBA Live '95 as well as the indie award-winning title Retro City Rampage.
Lena Raine promo picture for Lena Raine Lena Raine is an award-winning and BAFTA-nominated composer, producer, and video game developer, best known for her work on the soundtracks of Celeste, Minecraft and Guild Wars 2.
dannyBstyle promo picture for Danny Baranowsky Danny Baranowsky has been composing music for best-selling games for the past decade, creating driving, deep and complex soundtracks for titles such as Super Meat Boy, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Cadence of Hyrule, The Binding of Isaac and many more. Danny Baranowsky and the B-Sides brings the energy of these games into live performance, with Danny leading on his native instrument, the drums, and accompanied by his band of merry minstrels.
ROM-hack promo picture for ROM-hack Rom hack is an eclectic 4 piece band made up of members of varying different musical backgrounds, from heavy metal to jazz to classical, together they mesh to create an exciting take on retro and modern video game classics as well as some anime material! From Donkey Kong Country to Undertale, there's something here for every gamer, and for anyone who appreciates great composition.
missingNo promo picture for missingNo Vancouver’s first fusion VGM band is back! Featuring a new, beefed-up horn section and their classic, hard-grooving back line crew, missingNo. will be playing an energetic set of revamped older arrangements and killer new grooves, covering all your favourite (and our favourite) video game tunes from classic arcade to modern console/PC gaming and everything in between.
The Koopa Troopas promo picture for The Koopa Troopas The Vancouver-based Koopa Troopas are sure to rock the stage with their unique style and familiar melodies.
The Wavebirds promo picture for The Wavebirds The Wavebirds are Vancouver's geekiest ska-punk band! This 5-piece band features a singing gamer girl and a trombone and have catchy, dancable original music about video games you know and love! They sing about things like XCOM, Animal Crossing, hanging out at the arcade and getting hit by those dang blue shells. Come ready to rock and groove to the songs of the geek generation!
Costume Contest promo picture for Costume Contest Show off your finest gaming-themed cosplay costumes on our main stage as our host Kevin Free and our team of judges determine your fate, and the fate of our prizes.

Panels: Fourth Floor

Time Name Description
Game Collecting Q&A with John Hancock
promo picture for the John Hancock
John is a longtime collector of video games. As one of the original organizers of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, John went on to establish a YouTube channel where he uploads weekly content that covers everything from Atari to Xbox. He loves to share his passion about video games with others.
Fiddledo presents: The Video Game Music Challenge
promo picture for the Video Game Music Challenge
Quick, do you think you know what game that song is from? Are you ready for the ultimate Video Game Music Challenge? Three rounds, nine panelists chosen from the audience, but only one winner. Test your video game know-how and listen closely because you could be crowned the winner of Fiddledo's Video Game Music Challenge. Host Kaisyn Vega (aka Fiddledo) is best known for adding lyrics to video game music, but her expertise in video game music goes as far as back as the early 2010s where she helped with internet radio stations such as Radio Nintendo, Radio Whirlwind, and Radio SEGA.
Improv Antiques Roadshow with The Fictionals
promo picture for the Improv Antiques Roadshow w/ The Fictionals
Dust off those retro games and vintage collectible treasures! The Fictionals are live at VRGE to tell you all about your hidden treasures in the Improv Antiques Roadshow! Our gaming historians will tell you all about your rare finds and hidden treasures, then use them to inspire the comedy scenes! What will we discover this time? It's up to you!
Fandom Trivia presents the Question Block Quiz!
promo picture for the Fandom Trivia
Test your Video Game knowledge with Fandom Trivia at Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo! Bring your friends and join hosts Jeff and Daniel for the QUESTION BLOCK QUIZ, a fun and interactive trivia panel exploring the history of gaming. There are prizes to win and fun to be had at the Anvil Centre - come on down!
Retro Gaming Jeopardy
promo picture for the Retro Gaming Jeopardy
A game of Jeopardy with a retro gaming theme where contestants choose an answer from the board and have to respond in the form of a question. Contestants will be asked about gaming software and hardware from 1950s to 2008. The contestant that ends with the most money* will win a prize. Smartphone with Internet connection or Data plan is required in order to qualify and play.
*No real money awarded.
Rob Carnegie - Opening remarks and an introduction to the history of computing in Canada
promo picture for Rob Carnegie
Rob’s experience with computers dates back to the mainframe era, programming a Burroughs B500 at a data centre in Victoria, BC His career led him to programming for mainframes from IBM, Burroughs, Honeywell, Wang and Cincinnati Milacron and later progressed to a position as an IT Manager. He bought his first computer, an Apple ][, in 1979 and thereafter computing became the centre of his personal and professional interests. Rob was a founder of the Chilliwack Retro-Computing Club. At club meetings, Rob regularly displays replicas and vintage style computers built the old way, with a soldering iron and a blank piece for perf-board. Rob spoke on the subject of Canadian computer history at Vintage Computer Fest West in Mountain-view California in 2023.
Keynote Speaker - Brad Hodge AKA Tech Time Traveller
promo picture for Tech Time Traveller
Brad is one of the best known youtube vloggers from the greater Vancouver area. Brad's thoughtful and analytical treatment of some of the rarest historic computers raises the bar to a level that few others can aspire. In particular, check out his youtube series on the original TV Typewriter (TVT). Brad is going to share some of his insights into ethical and principled collecting from his experience going back to 1994 when his collecting practice began.
George Philips - Emulating the TRS-80
promo picture for George Philips
George will introduce us to the TRS-80 computer and its position in the original Retro-Computing Trinity. He will then go to the fun and challenges involved in writing a low-level machine grade emulator to create an environment to run classic TRS-80 software. This will include technical considerations you would need in writing an emulator of your own.

When it comes to all things Tandy, TRS and other retro-platforms, George’s reputation is second to none. George's interest in micro computing started at ground zero lusting at a TRS-80 Model 1 in a local Radio Shack store. George (and his equally enthusiastic brother Peter) had to wait all the way to 1980 to get one of his own but it ultimately led him to getting a B.Sc and an M.Sc at UBC and a career in computing. George’s vintage computer collection includes some of the rarest models to be found in any Radio Shack catalog but his passion has alway been emulation, starting with his first TRS-80 emulator in 1986 and many others since. George puts his vintage computers to good use, regularly proving that the guys in our 1980s Radio Shack store were wrong, you CAN do that on a TRS-80.
Nabu Forum
promo picture for Nabu Forum
Before there was Internet, there was Nabu, but in Ontario only. Owners discuss their experiences with one of the new in-box Nabu computers that surfaced in 2023. Find out how the Nabu network was resurrected and what's involved in joining the Nabu network yourself.

Grant Shannon is the creator of the OSI 600/610 replicas which kicked off the Ohio Scientific Preservation Project. More recently, Grant achieve internet fame for his creation of replicas of original Nabu upgrade boards. Specifically the floppy controller, hard-drive controller and the serial I/O card. This experience has established him as one of the most knowledgeable Nabu collectors. Grant's knowledge will help us to tear the lid off Nabu and make sense out of this strange but familiar branch of the Z80 PC family.

David Vandergugten M.Ed, a Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence 1997 recipient and Apple Distinguished Educator is an assistant superintendent in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. David has taught at all levels of the public school system and has been a Provincial Technology Facilitator and speaker throughout North America. David's enthusiasm for the Nabu is undeniable. He was one of the first to click "buy now" when the Nabu was first offered and that was a leap of faith that has paid off as the Nabu community has grown.

Rizal Acob is one of the most prolific forum posters in the greater Vancouver area. It's hard to find a discussion on the topic of any brand of retro-computer where Riz hasn't weighed in with his knowledgeable contribution. It seems like everyone knows him but few have met him in person. Riz is one of the most benevolent and generous collectors to be found and he's revived dead hardware of all shapes and sizes as a favour to his grateful friends. Riz was also an early purchaser of a Nabu and no discussion would be complete without his input.

Tournaments: Fourth Floor

Time Name Description
promo picture for Tetris
BOOM! Tetris for Vancouver. Classic NES block stacking on Type A game mode. Roll on down to battle for dominance or just see how you stack up. Top 8 will go neck and neck until a champion is crowned.
Dr. Mario
promo picture for Dr. Mario
The pill popping classic returns... but who will claim the top spot this year?
TBA More to Be Announced
promo picture for Super Smash Bros 64
More tournaments to be announced.