VRGE loading screen for 2022

Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo - June 25th 2022

Thank you everyone for making VRGE2022 so much fun.

Our team is already planning for 2023, and look forward to seeing all of your photos and videos from VRGE2022, so please share them with us.

Join us on our Discord server to chat with other attendees, ask our team questions, share your best moments from the show, and more.

Covid Update (7 days after VRGE): We currently have 1 unconfirmed report of Covid after our event, and a handful of people who chose to stay home because they weren't feeling well, which makes us really proud of everyone. If you developed Covid within a few days after the event, or had a known exposure at VRGE, please contact us by email with details so we can manage and inform people accordingly.

You can stay updated on everything VRGE-related on our Facebook page.

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Special thanks to our amazing sponsors!!!

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If you are interested in sponsoring the 2022 Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo, please download our Sponsorship Package PDF. We can be reached at [email protected].